Privacy Policy

Welcome to  Our office address: Shotabdi centre, 292 inner circular road, 3rd floor, Fakirapool, Motijheel -1000. We (the preserve all the rights to shorten, broaden, and to make any change of our privacy policy at any time without any prior eclaration or notification. To keep yourself upgraded with our Privacy Policy, read it at a regular interval.

When you are here at meaning you are visiting, purchasing and using our site and you must agree with our privacy policy. If you need clarity, read our privacy policy repeatedly and if you feel the need yet, contact us. Do not make any contract, purchase or transaction without reading and understanding our privacy policy and terms and conditions properly.

What is our privacy policy?

Our privacy policy means our way of collecting and using customers’ information. Our privacy policy also deals with your security concern related to us. We are fully loyal and respectful to our customer’s personal information. So, we collect customers’ information in a legal way and use it legally for our own purpose only. We do not sell or hand over or allow third parties to use our
customer’s information to get any kind of facility.

What types of information do we collect?

We generally collect names, gender, date of birth, occupation, designation, present and permanent addresses, mobile numbers, telephone numbers, payment details (card number or bank a/c details, you enter in our website during order or purchase), emails and email addresses and feedback that customers send to us during visiting our portal, purchase details, your query information. We may collect your IP address in order to know your browser and operating system.

Why do we collect information?

We are committed to our customers to provide quality product and quality service. So, we need to know about demand, interest, satisfaction and complaints of our customers so that we can find out the best service and solutions for them. We also want to research the market, provide customers with the newest products, gadgets and accessories at a cheaper rate and want to know the feedback on our services. We, sometimes, notify our customers about our discount, promotion and offers and new product’s information through their phone number and email address. We need to store data in case of product return, refund of money and future claim and to resolve any kind of disputes.

Third-party related privacy policy

Sometimes we may refer to third party websites. All the referred third parties have their own privacy policy. Quality of product, color, size and all other product-related matters will be the concern of the related third parties. We refer to them, only for providing products information to our customers. Such a reference will never mean that we have liability to their privacy policy and
terms of use or terms and conditions. By all means, we are only responsible for our own privacy policy. As a measurement of precaution, we are suggesting you read their policy before making any kind of purchase or transaction.


We may disclose or handover our customer database to third parties only when we are going to sell our website to a third party. Except for the above-mentioned circumstances, we may allow our subcontractors and few other third parties to use your data at a low level. For example- we need the help of others to deliver your product and service improvement research. We alone may not be sufficient enough to provide the full service. So, only a very few third parties, directly related to our business, may use basic information of our customers from our database at a basic level. Payment gateway service providers and other payment transaction authorities have their own policy of service. Third parties who have no business relation with us can never use
our database.


After entering our website, you may find that we are requesting you to allow us to use cookies. Cookies mean all your activity related data record, that is created by your browser and stored in your pc hard disk. We use cookies to know your interest, query and other activities so that in future we can provide you with some suggestions and offers. We do so because we want to give you a flawless service. We use cookies under international law and regulations. To know more about cookies visit this website Google uses cookies for Google Analytics. They may use your information and disclose to others according to their policy and state law. Be clarified again and again we are only responsible for our activities. If you have not consented to give us access to your data, use your browser setting to stop us.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

General Data Protection Regulations, shortly known as GDPR, is one of the international privacy protection systems in regard to privacy formed by the European Union on 14 of April 2016. According to this law, European citizens will be under this law in Europe and out of Europe. We are highly respectful to this GDPR and follow it in regards to privacy protection.

Is our private data collection illegal?

Are you feeling hesitation to make a contract or transaction with us? Or are you worried about your privacy while visiting us? Don’t worry, the full process of our data collection is legal. To collect users data, we always follow local, provincial, state and international law. We have no activities which can be described as unlawful.

Security of your data

You need not be worried at all about your data safety which we collect (as we described above). We store your data in a safe place and no other authority has access to our database in any way. Only the government and their authorized persons or organization have access to our database in accordance with the law.

For your own security, our system may ask you to insert your username and password. Remember, you are solely responsible for any kind of disclosure and misuse of your password. If you violate our terms and conditions (to find more detail see our terms and conditions) we may disclose your data to take necessary steps. Your credit card data will be encrypted Secure Socket Layer Technology (SSL). It has to be acknowledged that known data on the internet or electric industry is 100% safe. So, we follow PCI-DSS directions as well as we follow other general standards of industry.

User right

You always hold the right to stop us using your data. In case of wrong input of your data, you can request us to correct your data. You have full access to your own database that we stored. For any kind of support contact us.